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EXO Innovation &. Sustainability

EXO was born to facilitate adaptation to Revolution 4.0 and bring Sustainability and Innovation as a backbone to companies be prepared to the future. Our purpose is clear:
- To empower companies to thrive in their impact with sustainable practices and ESG principles. Together, we triumph in shaping a resilient world.

We have a well prepared and experienced R&D team that can help you apply action plans with the newest trend concepts of sustainability, circular economy and innovation converging all to achieve a next level for Business and Governance.

The word EXO comes from the Greek and means outside. It encourages us to look beyond ourselves, seeking a holistic view of the world, aiming for universal interest, far beyond the individual. The concept of the exoskeleton is part of biology, providing a resistant and flexible touch, as well as enhancing the competitive advantage of some species. It also makes us think of exoplanets - worlds beyond our galaxy, some of them possibly habitable. Both inspirations fuel our quest for innovation, development, and growth.

Partner with EXO, become a change-maker, an agent of positive behavioral change, and a commitment to our world, society, and environment. Together, make today so we can build a better tomorrow.

Reach us at contact@exo-team.com


IPN Incubadora, Rua Pedro Nunes, s/n,3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal



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