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EXO is a dynamic force where sustainability, technology, and innovation converge. Our journey began as a sustainability consulting firm, and we've evolved into an organization with a clear mission - to empower businesses and cities to thrive in today's world. We do this by providing cutting-edge tools, knowledge and innovative solutions that drive positive change and shape a sustainable future.


Empower companies to thrive in their impact with ESG practices

Together, we triumph in shaping a resilient world. We have an experienced and constantly developing R&D team that can help you apply action plans with the newest trend concepts of sustainability, circular economy and innovation converging all to achieve a next level for Business and Governance.

Our core values drive us

We are more than just a success-driven company; our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on organizations and the world we live in.


From sustainability consulting to software innovation. Transforming ESG with efficiency. We envision a future where businesses and cities thrive while being responsible guardians of the environment and society.


To be internationally recognized for its commitment and transparency towards sustainability through innovation, technology and cooperation with institutions and people, always seeking the best and most correct actions to achieve a fair, prosperous and ecological agenda.


Helping people and institutions to evolve sustainably through
innovation and technology.


- Commitment to the project
- Continuous improvement
- Innovation
- Ethical standards
- Environmental responsibility
- Teamwork
- Work values

Meet the Founders

Business Management

Civil Engineer


 Computer Engineer

Join us on this transformative journey, as together, we build a more sustainable and thriving world!

Our Approach

1. Sustainability as a Foundation
2. Innovation-Drive Solutions
3. Customized for Impact Management
4. Transparency and Accountability

In 18 months...

As an impact-driven startup, our path from concept to incubation and now acceleration has been truly remarkable. We've turned visionary ideas into dynamic realities, establishing ourselves as significant players in innovation and sustainability. Explore the highlights of our journey above.

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Our Partners

By joining forces with trusted organizations and institutions across multiple countries, we bring together a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience that perfectly complements our own.

We recognize the profound significance of strategic partnerships.




Partner with us, become a change-maker, an agent of positive behavioral change, and a commitment to our world, society, and environment. Together, make today so we can build a better tomorrow. We seek to cultivate and develop best practices that meet the needs of future society.

"What impresses me most about EXO is the sustainability communication that is being developed. What lies behind it is a dialogue that not only communicates impacts with experts in the field but also speaks to many different audiences - making ESG increasingly democratic."
Laura Sérpico
Communication Consultant,
Basic Communication and Production
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Sergio Bomfim
Business Director


At EXO, we place the highest priority on data security and privacy, aligning our practices with the stringent requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are fully committed to safeguarding your information and ensuring compliance with the most rigorous international data protection standards.

Your data, your trust, our priority.


IPN Incubadora, Rua Pedro Nunes, s/n,3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal



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