is an innovative ecosystem designed to empower organizations with data-driven insights and advanced tools for mastering the complex landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) operations - reporting and monitoring included.

Our mission is to equip businesses with the resources they need to navigate ESG principles, embrace sustainable practices, and drive meaningful impact.

Your ecosystem for different applications

More than a platform, EXO.G is a paradigm shift, helping organizations in different markets to actively and effectively participate in shaping a sustainable future


Through diagnosis for Companies, Public and Private Institutions, we can adapt the different ESG and Life Cycle Analysis indicators relevant to the company/institution with continuous improvement through Strategic Planning ESG/LCA + Machine Learning.


EXO.G offers solutions for different layers of government. Different indicators adaptable to different categories: Governance, Economy, Health, Transport, Information and Social can be used to evaluate and improve a government's quality indices.

Smart Sustainable Cities

Specific functionality that uses indicators from the ISO37120, 37122 and 37123 standards to adapt a city as Sustainable, Resilient and Smart, following ABNT standards in order to certify the municipality.


Data/MLOps infrastructure

Advanced data handling with Machine Learning in the processing of core indicators of Certification Entities in the ESG spectrum

In-dept specialized consultancy support

Expert Monitoring and Recommendations on Data Infrastructure and ESG strategy decision-making

Tailored parametrization

Unique fit solution.
Service for evaluating and adapting sector-wise ESG indicators for different scenarios.

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Embark on the journey towards a sustainable future with EXO. Revolutionize your ESG management and tackle global challenges with confidence and ease.

ESG Data Processing in reduced time

Thanks to the Machine Learning processing algorithm, the response time to data analysis is faster than current ESG Annual Reports

End to end Support

EXO.G includes e2e consultancy during your full reporting period

Compliance and Transparency

The use of the most recognized standards adopt the most recent levels of Environmental, Social and Governance Compliance, providing indices of excellence in terms of Transparency


EXO, based in Portugal, is made up of specialists in the areas of Sustainability, Engineering, Management and Data, constantly updated to the European Scenario in these areas.


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